Signs & Symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease

When short-term memory becomes an ongoing problem, it could be more than just normal ageing – it could be the early signs of Alzheimer's disease.

This section will help you recognise the signs and symptoms of the disease – and see how they differ from normal ageing. There's also a Symptom Diary for you to record what you're seeing in the family member you're concerned about as well as a simple test that may help you decide whether the signs you're witnessing warrant a visit with the doctor for further evaluation.

The Subtle Clues

Depending on the day, Betts would paint whirlpools or dragons. Her best friend Sybil says it took a long time to recognise the changes in her friends paintings and behaviour and that the dragons were a sign of fear. Being afraid was a major obstacle in getting a diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease. But once it happened, they got the help they needed.

2 minutes, 45 seconds.

The sooner you recognise the warning signs in someone you care about, the sooner you can speak to a doctor and ensure that they get the help they need.